DOMUS: Department of Music

These posters for University of New Haven Department of Music (DOMUS), build upon the archetypal modernist format by incorporating time as a formal element.

Exhibition: Copy, Transform, Combine.

These “Copy, Transform, Combine.” was an exhibition of historically significant Swiss posters from the private collection of Thomas Strong.

Type@Cooper: Kawak

Kawak is a grotesk inspired by Pre-Hispanic Mayan glyphs from the Tzolk'in ritual cycle. Kawak marries Swiss typographic tradition with Pre-Hispanic formalism.

Type@Cooper: Tiemann Antiqua

Tiemann Antiqua Halbfette is a revival of the boldest weight of Walter Tiemann's, Tiemann Antiqua. This design is a German take on the modern pointed pen classics.

Lost Type Co-op: Aldine Expanded

This revival of 12 line Aldine Expanded was drawn from a specimen sheet printed from The Rob Roy Kelly American Wood Type Collection. It was released by The Lost Type Co-op.

Design: Helmut Lang Logotype

Interpolation is typically a tool for creating multimple weights for a font. For this project, interpolation was used as a design tool to explore a neraly infinte design space.

Design: Rob Roy Kelly

Ten faces from the Rob Roy Kelly American Wood Type Collection were set, fully justified, and printed with the intent to investigate the physicality of letterpress printing.

Design: Cyclops

You are being watched. You don't know who, when, or why, but there, above this window, through the little vigilent eye above every computer screen, someone watches.

Design: Logos & Marks

These logos and marks represent a variety of clients, from start-ups, arts institutions, and online journalism. Simplicity is a guiding principle for these works.

Design: Typographic Thoughts

These typographic pieces are aliquot to the kind of project that is independent, is abandoned, changes direction, or is rejected. It is here that one can reflect on thought process.

Design: Courtyard Gallery

These sets of catalogs were designed for The Courtyard Gallery, a space which showcases works of art from renowned faculty and alumni at The University of Texas at Austin.

Design: Fotocopias

Fotocopias is an online journal that attempts to scrutinize the Latin American creative industry. This logo re-design attempts to communicate the confusing nature of the industry.

Design: Access Curriculum Together

Access Curriculum Together is a company that provides special-ed training for teachers. Their new identity communicates a simple optimistic outlook to an otherwise complex field.


“Designing types and letters for the new technology will increasingly involve mathematics and the laws of electronics...Tradition and progress must be logically united...”


A successful design exercise, as Inge Druckery states,“must guide students through an experience.” Perhaps this thought extends towards the practice in general.